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Late Prof. O.P.Agarwal

"Education always creates one of the best opportunities of achievement in human life."

Late Shri Ramesh Chand Tyagi

"Disciplined life leads to fulfillment of ambitions."

School Mission

The school was established with a well-guided mission of imparting excellent education to the budding talents of areas nearby. Since then, it has never looked back from the objective set for itself. Best possible standard of education, discipline and encouragement to young students has been the hallmark of the school. It always strives to push the youngsters on the path of success and achievements. For all this, it has managed to provide all the students with the platform very much needed for reaching their pre-assigned goals. In this age of professionalism, it deems it fit to create modern infrastructures including modern teaching aids providing students with the opportunities to keep pace with others in this competitive world. With all these objectives, the school is determined to enhance all the facets of students’ education and their discipline in their lives