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The School is bestowed with building infrastructures which boast of excellent airy and spacious rooms and corridors having measures of safety and Comforts. The main and frontal building houses classes VI to XII and another houses classes Nur. To 5th.


There is no denying of the fact that the School has one of the best auditoriums in the district Hapur. With the best facilities of coaching and equipments, the Auditorium facilitates the activities of gymnasium, swimming, billiards, snooker, badminton, table tennis, Carom, chess etc.

Sports Playground

A healthy mind resides in healthy body. With this proverb, the school possesses excellent sports ground like cricket ground having a main Pitch for Matches and some other pitches for practice. The Tennis Court has all the aspects of its own. The basketball court also speaks of its volume.

Computer Labs

The school computer labs (one for senior and one for junior students) have all the systems required for attaining Computer Education. Teachers and students avail their facilities to enhance their own digital lives.


Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs are well equipped with all the necessary Apparatus. Highly trained science teachers interact with the students of Science enjoying the advantages of excellent facilities being provided by these Labs.


Apart from bookish knowledge, the knowledge of current affairs and Social Studies is also a part of continuous growth of a student. To fulfill such need, the school library provides the students with all the required resources like reference books, periodicals and newspaper etc.

Audio Visual Rooms

The school offers students many audio/visual rooms with efficient projects and modern internet facilities through which the students enhance their knowledge regarding their syllabus digitally and the same put them stand among the best.

Conference Room

To discuss all the handling and tackling of the school affairs, the school maintains a fully equipped conference room which not only facilitates the meetings but also provides an environment to discuss things in Comforts.