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Transport Facility

1. Students can avail the school transport arrangements subject to the availability of seats. Bus routes cannot be altered to suit individual convenience.

2. In case of emergency, parents may take their ward from school personally after obtaining permission from the Principal.

3. Students using the bus facility are required to follow the instructions of their bus incharge.

4. Students are not permitted to travel by any other bus except the one allotted to them. Attendance of all bus users shall be taken everyday in the morning and afternoon.

5. Each bus user is expected to board/get down from the school bus only at his/her regular stop, not just any where as per his/her convenience.

6. Parents are requested to ensure that their wards are escorted to and from the bus.

7. For any assistance/clarification related to school transport system, kindly contact school office.

8. Students are not allowed to come to school by self-driven vehicles.

9. All gates for entry to students shall close 10 minutes after assembly bell.

10. Bus facility once taken cannot be withdrawn for complete session.


Activities done by the students in and around a school bus are parts of the school activities. Therefore their conducts at there must be appropriate.

They are expected.

1. To follow the driver’s instructions.

2. To remain seated while bus is in motion.

3. Not to fight or threaten other pupils in the bus.

4. Not to use indecent language in the bus with fellow pupils or the bus staff.

5. Not to throw objects in or off the bus.

6. To prevent themselves from any unruly behavior in the bus.

7. Not to damage the seats, curtains etc. in the bus.

Non-compliance of above instructions will be treated as under

FIRST OFFENCE : Warning and reporting to the parents.

SECOND OFFENCE : Call the parents and suspend the pupil’s traveling in the bus for one week.

THIRD OFFENCE : School bus facility shall be withdrawn with fine.